Raise Your Marketing Proficiency and Navigate a Faster Path to Better ROI

Learn proven strategies on how to successfully plan, implement, track and gauge all of your marketing efforts to achieve your marketing goals and reach, or even surpass, your target revenues.

What You’ll Learn

Establish processes, policies, templates, reports, systems, and thorough documentation crucial to everyday operations.

Discern priorities, and acknowledge, as well as develop fundamental elements in your business such as staff training, company values, and other resources.

Formulate vital marketing plans, strategies, and action plans that not only work but will guarantee outstanding results.

Deep-dive into valuable insight that’s guided by decades of experience that spans multiple industries.

A Message from the Author

Miriam Van Heusden

It’s always important that you know where to start with your marketing, especially when putting up your own business. Through the years that I’ve worked in vocational training and hospitality, I believe that there is a systematic method in approaching marketing that should be endemic for all business owners. These methods begin with actually knowing what to do first: the fundamentals of what your business needs. I will share all of these, driven by my actual experiences, all the way to an understanding of the future of marketing: marketing analytics. Let me guide you, through this book, on how you can realize the fullest potential of all your marketing efforts through your determined actions.

More About the Book

As a business owner, you need to ensure that each of your marketing activities are relevant to your customers. Better relationships eventually mean improved ROI. Start by taking all the right steps, to facilitate efficient campaigns. Whatever stage you are at with planning and implementing your marketing strategies, there’s no better time than now in taking these steps.


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